Foundation Degree
(FdSc. ICT)

During my time on the foundation degree, I was elected as student representative and gained valuable experience developing relations between students and tutors in an official capacity. The year ended with me settling a dispute between the students and a tutor who by the end of the year had not taught, lectured or provided any structure whatsoever towards the course modules he was responsible for teaching, in spite of promising to do so each time it was brought up during the year. Subsequently many students failed the year due to this tutor's incompetence and I had the unenviable task of ensuring the University was aware of this.
Suffice to say that my actions resulted in my duties as student representative being fulfilled and the college finding a more capable and fitting tutor for those modules.

The culmination of my responsibilities as student representative for that year was a faculty meeting with university representatives and other student representatives from The University of Chester's partner colleges, which I was more than happy to attend.

Bachelor's Degree
(BSc. Computer Science)

The bachelor's year was very enjoyable. A step up from the foundation degree and more of a challenge.
A number of projects developed this year can be found on this site under the Projects heading on the website's menu system above. They include my dissertation project (AI Project), a game which I developed for the Apple iOS platform and a project I developed briefly in support of a design for an intelligent home. This was handed in alongside paper based coursework as proof of concept.

Master's Degree
(MSc. Information Systems)

After finishing my Bachelor's degree, I decided to go a step further with my education and do a Master's degree, in part to give myself time to casually set up a small company while studying and at the same time furthering my knowledge in other area's to better understand the technologies I would be interacting with as an applications / web developer. This would also benefit me in that I have time to give myself some managerial knowledge and experience in order to develop myself as an entrepreneur.

This is currently on-going and I am also consulting and developing with Future-Coders amongst other clients in the Merseyside area, on a number of projects alongside this.

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