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Bitzone is an SME software development company focusing on mobile apps, digital health and AI.

Bitzone was officially founded late in 2015 during our founders time doing a Masters degree in Information Systems while working with local SMEs in the Merseyside area and developing a dissertation that focused on the barriers to the use of digital patient held records within NHS practices. During this time, Bitzone helped to test and develop web-apps surrounding digital healthcare innovations alongside companies such as Damibu, Black Pear, Sitekit and FutureCoders. Since then we have been helping SME companies develop apps for iOS and doing what we can to get involved with digital healthcare for the benefit of the NHS.
Now based in Cumbria, Bitzone works with companies in both regions and is currently working on a number of exciting projects ranging from healthcare to hospitality.
If you would like to get in touch, please feel free to contact me by using the methods provided on the Contact Me page.